Jetspeed FT370 Hockey Gloves

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Product Overview

The CCM JetSpeed FT370 Gloves boast upgraded protection in the fingers, backhand, finger block and thumb with full PE insert reinforcement. Meanwhile, the new Pro two-piece thumb and the re-designed back roll provide a broken-in, game-ready feel right out of the box. 

The FT370 showcases a new molded, 3D cuff roll and open cuff that is more responsive, mobile and modern looking than before. The outside of the pinky and the thumb both utilize abrasion-resistant cable knit nylon, which is where premature wear-and-tear usually present first. Lastly, the palm was completely redone for improved durability, feel and grip. The double-stitched embossed overlay eliminates a crease where the stick makes contact with the palm and it covers more area, for better abrasion-resistance. 

  • Level of Play Guideline: Performance 
  • Fit Guidelines: Tapered fit - Snug fit in the fingers & backhand, relaxed fit in the cuff


(No reviews yet) Write a Review